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Despite Corona – Investments in our resources

This year we continued to invest in our resources despite the difficult effects of the corona pandemic.

The new mobile racks in our warehouse 5 are fully installed and ready for everyday use. A large part of the planned exhibition material has already been stored

In total, the system has 380 running meters of 6m high storage racks that can be moved electrically on flush-to-floor rails, which, compared to the previous storage situation, achieves a considerably better use of space and space, as only one rack aisle has to be opened to remove the stored goods. In relation to the previous area, the installation enables almost 90% savings in travel routes and thus, in addition to the use of 3 compared to the previous 2 storage levels, almost doubling the previous storage capacity in the relevant area.

Shorter distances, better order and the significantly expanded storage capacity without building additions enable a clear improvement in work and process workflows. The experience with the system from Hall 3 has already confirmed this, which we equipped with this shelving system in 2019.

During the last summer, the bench room in our production facility was extensively renovated. After the main focus in the first few weeks was on cleaning and painting work, as well as the renewal of the power distribution, the new self-made workshop furniture as well as steel cabinets and lifting tables could then be fully placed.

Our students with their instructors

In addition, we set up an assembly line that, equipped with a gluing station, body press, crane system and packing station and everything connected via roller conveyors, enables a much more efficient final assembly of corpus items for shop fittings.

We have also invested in new servers and Microsoft 365 in order to further accelerate digital project management.

So for 2022, we are prepared for a wide variety of projects for individual brand and encounter worlds – let’s hope Corona will let us!