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Dedicated to museums part III

Museum construction no. 3: Permanent exhibition “Displacement, Expulsion, Reconciliation” in Berlin

The Documentation Centre for Displacement, Expulsion, Reconciliation is being built in the heart of Berlin, not far from Potsdamer Platz – a unique Centre for learning and remembrance for displacement, expulsion and forced migration in the past and present.

The Documentation Centre deals with the fate of millions of people who were forced to leave their homeland. The Centre will provide information about the causes, dimensions and consequences of displacement, expulsion and forced migration in the past and present. We regard ourselves as a site for historical education and lively debate in the spirit of reconciliation.

The exhibition will illuminate politically, ethnically and religiously motivated forced migrations, primarily in twentieth-century Europe but also beyond. The displacement and expulsion of Germans during and after the Second World War, which was initiated by Germany, constitute the focus of the exhibition’s narrative. The exhibition will focus on questions of universal significance: Why are people expelled or forced to migrate? What are the paths they have to travel? What does it mean to lose one’s homeland? How can those affected make a new start?

A multifaceted presentation of original objects, documents and photographs, as well as field reports and life stories, awaits you.

This is how the foundation itself describes the extraordinary project in Berlin on its website.

Last summer, we were commissioned with the production for this same permanent exhibition and have been in the implementation process since August.

The realization of thematic exhibitions can certainly be compared with that of brand worlds, but the scope of the creation process differs considerably. This can already be seen in the implementation time – from the kick-off to the assembly phase alone, 7 months will have passed, in which the project was broken down into its individual components by our team and it was meticulously planned, engineered, coordinated and finally built.

Atelier Brückner designed this great exhibition over a period of several years and staged it in a unique way in the spectacular architecture of the Austrians Stefan und Bernhard Marte.

exhibition planning copyright Atelier Brückner

In December, we have gone from the implementation planning phase to the production phase in our in-house production facilities. Be curious, we will report from time to time.

For more information visit the Documentation Center website and plan a trip for the opening to Berlin in Summer 2021!