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Update on the current situation

Face-to-Face is literally dead at the moment! Now we realize worldwide how priviledged we have been and how important personal, social contact really is.

Therefore we are full of optimism and are convinced once this Virus is tamed that events, trade shows, exhibitions, personal encounters of all forms will be even more important and valuable than they have ever been.

We cannot wait to meet our clients, partners and suppliers again, to shake hands, to hug each other and to create spaces for real face-to-face encounters.

Our production and supply chains are currently not affected by COVID-19, so our shop-projects will be carried out as usual. You can reach us at the usual communication channels, we are here for you, some from the office, some from home office, thanks to technology this is quite easy to manage. Our team is healthy and strong and we stick together – of course at the moment with enough distance!

We hope you are well too, we wish you all the best and cross our fingers that this is soon to be over! Take care, stay healthy and contact us, we can make plans for your future brand worlds, to meet your target groups, clients and partners face-to-face again, as soon as possbile.

Greetings from the distance from your ZEISSIG-Team!