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We build your brand

August 2018

Lively facets, a new expressive logo, attention-grabbing typography, and shaded colors: These are the elements used to compose our new corporate design. The new claim clearly and concisely formulates what we do: “We build your brand.”

This has been incorporated in a system by the Syndicate agency from Hamburg, which developed the new corporate design after holding workshops with the relevant people at ZEISSIG.The facets are the core design element and symbolically represent our diverse range of competences. They run throughout the new visual communication at ZEISSIG.

Zeissig News - Markenrelaunch und Portfolioerweiterung

There will also be greater diversity in future in our product portfolio. The well-established segment for the development and implementation of shop systems will be more strongly highlighted and therefore gain the same presence as the previously underlined core competence of the realization of complex temporary architecture. As with all of the services we provide, this service is naturally also realized by ZEISSIG for its clients world-wide − reliably and with extremely high standards of quality.