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Dedicated to museums part I

Museum construction no. 1: How to survive – Art as a survival strategy

A special exhibition at the Sprengel Museum in Hanover that combines artistic approaches that dealt with individual and general crises in a special way and whose questions and solutions have survived in their works from the 1960s to the present day. Thirteen international artists present their work in different ways in the face of experienced or imagined disasters.

For the framework program of the exhibition, Jean-Pascal Flavien developed an architecture that takes up the existential struggle in its form. We supported our partner Germerott in this project and planned, produced and installed the construction for this special architecture in the room.

Jean-Pascal Flavien, Description of a struggle, 2020 ©studioflavien

A special and worth seeing exhibition, especially in today’s world. During the ongoing closure of the Sprengel Museum, an online tour is possible.

Curator: Carina Plath, Pictures: ©studioflavien

Jean-Pascal Flavien, Description of a struggle, 2020 ©studioflavien