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A climate gift for the future

April 2019

Tree-planting at the children daycare Teeny Weenies in Hanover

Planting a tree together as a partnership commitment to practiced environmental protection. We have been active here for many years and continuously try to make a direct and indirect contribution. On the sidelines of the Bundesliga handball game of the RECKEN against the Rhein-Neckar Loewen, Hartmut Zeissig told Eike Korsen, Managing Director of the RECKEN, about previous tree-plantning activities – and stoked his zest for action. Next to the sporting enthusiasm the fact that they are Expoground residents, unites them. Which is why they decided to plant a 1.80 meter high European elm tree, the official “Tree of the Year 2019”, on the grounds of the Teeny Wennies KiTa, a children daycare, at the Expo Park – a climate gift for the future, handed over to the RECKEN on “Arbor Day”, April 25, and planted together for the kids.
The children of the daycare center actively supported us and we hope, in line with the forward-looking purpose of the Arbor Day, that they will have much joy in the future with their new tree.