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String of successes

More brand experience, more sales success. With the introduction of a new shop concept, the drugstore chain Rossmann made a decision in 2014 to refurbish all of its outlets. This means: the sales areas are being successively renewed at various locations throughout Germany, including new presentation and sales furniture specially developed for the conditions at Rossmann POS.

We have been shop fitters for Rossmann points of sale for many years, and now also took over the project management, engineering, storage and order picking management for the refurbishment of the whole sales areas. The main challenge here lies clearly in the scale of the overall project: a challenge which we were happy to tackle, and are also professionally implementing in future as well.

  • Service: Project management, engineering, series production, storage, roll-out
  • Concept: Syndicate
  • Space: Various sizes
Stationäre Markenwelt - Rossmann Verkaufsstätte - Parfümtheke
Stationäre Markenwelt - Rossmann Verkaufsstätte - Wickeltisch
Stationäre Markenwelt - Rossmann Verkaufsstätte - Parfümregal